How to be an O Language Developer?

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It's more true to say "why should I be" instead of how I am. Because it all starts with a reason. If you're a very robust programmer, you can play a lot of simple things, or program Super-software as you like. You can not only program but also develop existing programs.

Being a developer is very simple. All you need is your favorite editor and your terminal. The more code you write, the more code runs and you can view the results. It doesn't matter which programming language you're dealing with. It's all about wanting and thinking. Accordingly, you are a programmer as long as you can convert what you think of it.It's not written in which language.

In this language, program development and access to the system level is very easy. The only difference between these languages is that they differ in the way they are written and the gaps are absolutely insignificant. You write the program and only the errors on syntax will return you the wrong result. A lot of functions and definition variants that make your work easier have been shortened specifically for you. I want to develop a system-level program, but if you want simple functions, this language is your choice.

Never give up on anything and work hard. Practicality is your friend, laziness is your worst enemy.