File Types

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O Language Singe Program File (.ola) - olang/program-file

This is the simple file extension used in the language. Contains only simple program commands. It is used for programming on the system. Typically, the default file extension is. These file extensions interact directly with this language.

O Language Module File (.olm) - olang/module-file

A simple module file. The purpose of this module file is to distinguish between simple programming and modules from one another. Module-related programming functions are written to this file and called by loading it in another file as a module.

O Language Package File (olpfile.json)

The JSON file contains the definitions of the package manager. You can define that the folder that is written automatically by entering package information in this file is a package and that it is connected to other packages. In this way, all the necessary packages are compiled and collected in the vendor folder. With a single "autoload" file, you can quickly access all your dependencies.

O Language Process File (Opsfile)

The process file is the process. This is used to start and stop multiple functions at the same time. It contains a process Manager Software within the language. This process Manager automatically finds written types and programming language files that contain multiple processes and runs them in the background as if they were an operation and processes the output in the "log" file.